Mr Miller is one heck of a fibber, but when one of his stories gets out of hand his daughter Mary needs to figure out a way out – and quick! Luckily there’s a crafty little man around who might be able to help…

Join us for a wild ride through this classic tale, with a kiwi twist! This is school holiday fun for kids, with some giggles for the adults too.

Written by Gregory Cooper
Directed by Jordan Dickson

11am and 2pm daily (no shows Sunday October 8th)

All tickets just $12!

Nick Tipa

Nick is a recent graduate of the University of Otago and now works as a professional actor, director and drama tutor - you might recognise him from Red Riding Hood and What You Will. Nick is taking on the role of the Prince and the Baby - we're not sure which one's more mature...

Katherine Kennedy

Katherine is a graduate of the Theatre Studies programme at the University of Otago and joins us straight from touring New Zealand with NZ Playhouse and we're thrilled to have her expertise on stage with us in Rumpelstiltskin. Katherine plays 5 different characters, including the cheeky Miller and Rumpelstiltskin himself!

Beth Turnbull

Beth is currently a finalist in the University of Otago's Bachelor of Performing Arts programme and joins the cast of Rumeplstitlskin as Mary Miller. We're stoked to have Beth making both her Fortune and professional debut these school holidays!

Zac Nicholls

Zac is a local actor, playwright and musician who has been working with the Fortune for the last year. Zac wrote the fabulous Shakespeare-inspired What You Will for Fortune and is providing original musical accompaniment for Rumpelstiltskin. Zac is a graduate of the Univeristy of Otago and has worked with a number of companies in Dunedin including The Playhouse, Fortune Theatre, The Globe Theatre and Counterpoint.