Announcing the cast of Over the River and Through The Woods

We are delighted to announce the following cast members for our upcoming show, Over the River and Through the Woods by Joe DiPietro. The show will be on our mainstage from 11 June – 9 July.

Byron Coll will play Nick. Byron was recently the over-enthusiastic All Black fan “Tim” in the MasterCard adverts. He was also the character “Penguin” in Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake. Read more about Byron.

Karen Elliot will play Emma. She was in Hush, The Keys are in the Margarine and Be | Longing.

Simon O’Connor will play Nunzio. He has featured in Play, Outside Mullingar and The War Play here at Fortune and numerous other productions nationally.

Steven Ray will play Frank. Steven has been in many Court Theatre shows, including You Can Always Hand Them Back and Mary Poppins.

Nadya Shaw Bennett will play Caitlin. She featured recently in Flagons & Foxtrots and The Motor Camp at Fortune Theatre and was also in Farley’s Arcade.

Jane Waddell will play Aida. Recently Jane was in A Shortcut to Happiness and Joyful and Triumphant at Circa Theatre.

This show is also the first new Artistic Director, Jonathon Henry, will direct at Fortune Theatre.

Read more about the show