High School Ambassadors Over the River feedback

Fortune School Ambassadors are selected each year from local high schools to come to the theatre to meet and observe theatre professionals at work. They have the opportunity to get inside the rehearsal room to see the rehearsal process in action and talk with the actors, directors and stage managers, and the costume, set, sound and lighting design team. This helps them to develop a good understanding of the process of creating a professional theatre production and what a career in theatre could look like. Ambassadors are also invited to see each show.

Below is feedback from Ambassadors who have seen Over the River and Through the Woods:

Lily Maria: “I really enjoyed the show! It was a great reflection of strong family values and relationships. It was very witty and professionally acted! Would highly recommend :)”

Jacinta Compton: “Very professional also! Loved the vibrancy from the actors and their high energy! Very accessible and relatable. Loved the themes!”

Tia Hibbert: “I really enjoyed the play, it was a beautiful representation of family and how they are always looking out for you, even if you can’t see it.”

Blossom Rose O’Neill: “I believe it was one of those up-there plays, that really hit home and makes you think about the moments in life you take for granted, and all the things you can remember and the ones you get told about and try to picture! Very amazing acting! They should be proud of themselves! Also love the humour in the play how they gave the lines in a sense of real life! Such amazing energy and vibes from the actors. Would say to anyone to go watch it! Amazing amazing amazing!”

Ella Yiannett: “It was magical, it provided a view into a world very different from my own and yet it felt so familiar through its morals and situations. It was performed with a great deal of empathy which was wonderful to watch :)”

Aimee Arthur: “I really enjoyed it! I could relate the older characters to older people in my family/life. I always enjoy seeing plays that are set in different times or countries as they teach me more about the world, overall a great performance (:”