Dust Pilgrim – Red Leap Theatre

Dust Pilgrim is an intimate coming of age tale of a young woman’s fight for freedom in a world where dreams and premonitions are as real as the wind.

Panuelo is trapped in a life built on dust and shifting sands, held in the tight fist of her tyrannical mother. After stumbling across the restless bones of a secret long buried, Panuelo makes a daring bid for freedom and runs out into the vast desert. Along the way she discovers vivid new landscapes full of tricksters and angels, boundaries and borders.

Dust Pilgrim is beautiful to behold, and its actors are marvellously skilled conjurers of physical imagery.” – Metro Magazine

Red Leap, as always, have nailed the visual and sensual experience.” – Theatrescenes

Visually arresting.” – Stuff.co.nz

First-class theatrical magic.” – The Lumier Reader

Red Leap Theatre

Dust Pilgrim is Red Leap’s fourth production and was developed over two years before premiering in 2015 at Loft, Q Theatre, Auckland. The following year it toured to Hamilton, New Plymouth and Wellington.

Red Leap Theatre creates innovative and unforgettable theatre, focusing on original devised work and crossing the forms of physical theatre, imagery and storytelling. Dubbed by critics as ‘Restlessly Creative… Endlessly Inventive’, the company is best known for their production The Arrival which is returning to the stage in June as part of Out of the Box Children’s festival in Brisbane.

Red Leap is excited to be bringing Dust Pilgrim to the South Island and sharing this magical story.